Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm Hitting the Road! (Plus 5 Random Images)

I'm off to Paris this weekend!! No, not Paris, Tennessee, the real one. I've never been before and I simply can't describe how excited I am. The fact that it's 4am and I have to be up in a bit demonstrates my excitement to a sufficient level.

I have no idea what's going down in Paris. I know I want to go up the Eifel Tower and eat Snails/Frogs Legs, that's about it though. I'm not to fussed about seeing the Mona Lisa either, I'm happy just finding as many venues for consuming French wine as possible.

I'll write a full blog when I get back so you know what I've been up to and how much red wine I drank. Until then, here are a few random images I found floating around the internet that I either found weird or amusing, take a look and I'll see you next week.



In the spirit of Halloween

Old but gold

That's all folks. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Rob Vs. The Internet

I'm sitting at home on this chilly Tuesday evening, seeking out a new way to amuse myself on the internet. In this case, I discovered imgur. Well, I say discovered, I have actually been using it a while to look at mildly amusing pictures and either snigger or just breathe out of my nose harder than usual. I have never posted before and decided to change that today under the premise of ‘how hard can it be?’

I decided to post an image from my previous blog about being colourblind. The one with all the balloons in it. Within an hour the post had 1,500 hits and around 50 upvotes. This excited me, there was a good discussion in the comments, no trolls to be seen and generally a nice vibe. It made me feel good. The hits on my blog also went up as a result of this. Again, further ego boostage.

Getting slightly ahead of myself, I posted another picture, this time of my Yoda tattoo. Now, I think this is a very cool tattoo, possibly the best I have and I’m sure there would be a number of nerds and star wars fans out there that would appreciate it and give me my now-precious upvotes.

At this point I'm totally engaged in the process, I’m hooked, refreshing every two minutes to see if there’s been any changes. In an hour or so, my tattoo had around 600 hits and only 12 upvotes. My stomach turned. “Oh, shit… they don’t like me do they?” I immediately feel as though I am the most annoying human being on the planet. I am hated, I am not worthy of upvotes. Seriously, it did make me feel a bit sick when I started to see negative comments (amongst good ones of course).

Looking back, the comments aren’t very negative at all, just moaning little twats that haven’t got anything better to do (looking at their profiles, it seems that it is literally all they do). One bloke simply said that he didn’t like it, another said that the line work was too heavy (Which it wasn't, the skin was simply fresh after getting it done). So, I overreacted and felt a bit shitty for a while. I still tolerate imgur, though I will try to refrain about exposing myself on a personal level with things that can easily offend me, not that I'm one to get easily offended but I quickly got far too sucked into this.

It makes me feel really bad for everyone who is totally exposed on the internet (I know I’m pretty out there but it’s not on an international capacity). Take YouTuber Charles Trippy for example, he’s recently divorced and is now with someone else, Charles is constantly getting battered by kids on the internet who have absolutely no other agenda but to make him feel like crap by personally attacking him. Even if someone shares their life with you, a 10 minute video every day does not show the entirety of how someone is feeling. The last thing they need is a troll bashing everything they've ever achieved.

Getting bullied online is definitely a thing. I have skin as thick as anything and take everything as it comes but to get shot down when you are simply trying to make the viewer happy is enough to get anyone riled up. It’s definitely enough to make the more sensitive creator out there, depressed. The last thing we want to do is stop people creating! That’s when the bad guys win. When we’re all the same, all quantitative not qualitative.

I know how easy it is to write a nasty comment rather than a positive or constructive one.
Why not try it for once?

Why not make today ‘Positive Comment Day’?

Or you could just simply stop being a dick and find something better to do with your life than put people down. 

Try to cheer someone up instead?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

By The Light of the Fire and The Full Moon

Here is a poem I wrote about the beautiful, mystical country of Iceland accompanied by some photographs from my visit in 2010. It's an empty, lonely country but the striking landscapes make up for the desolate isolation that Iceland brings. I plan to return very soon. (All photographs belong to Rob Steer, 2010)

By the light of the fire and the full moon
My breath condenses as I sleep
A cold Icelandic sweat wakes me
A glacial drip of sand and time
Contained within the frozen mountains


Hot springs breathe life and death
Sulphuric gasps of a desperate lung
The bulging gland of the earth cries acid
It brings no life, only the haunting midnight sun


A land of still turbulence
Trembles beneath my feet
The light on the horizon is not the sun
A distant icy heat


A hesitant cry of creaking earth
The ground moves yet again
An ocean of rock, breaking like waves
The sea will soon become new land


The village is restless yet excited
This has happened many times before
The fire on the hill matches the fire in the sky
The earth keeps breathing, crying for more


Our land disappears, falls under the sea
Buried beneath the mountains high
The freedom we believe
Belongs to the earth

And the fires in the sky

^^ The erupting Eyjafjallajökull. Yep, that's the one that grounded thousands of planes.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stumbling Upon Featuring: Humour, Hunks, Babes and Parrot Metal

Procrastination is a foul demon, sucking life and time from our very existence. It's probably a healthy portion of the 'why I did crap at university' saga but more on that another time. To further emphasise my point about procrastination. It's 3:20am and I can't sleep, would you like to know why I can't sleep? Stumble Upon. Bastards.

For those who don't know Stumble Upon is a site that generates interesting websites based on your interests and activity: the only problem being is that the internet is endless and the 'stumble' button just keeps on giving, like a pot brownie or that kid in The Giver movie thing... yep.

So here we go. I'm gonna pick a few 'Interests' and stumble on each revealing what soul consuming website it reveals to me.

1. Humour 

1.) Someone isn't making the NFL.

Good catch, bro. It seems from browsing this website most of the 'humour' is about kids getting smashed up by stuff, parents getting smashed up by stuff. Generally be prepared to laugh at other people's expense. I don't find this picture particularly funny. I can't catch for shit, in fact this is a fairly accurate representation of how completely cross-wired my hand/eye co-ordination is... (Source)

2. Nature

Ice bubbles on Abraham Lake. It's pretty. That's all I've got. No Eskimo fart jokes? Anyone? Fine. (Source)

3. Tattoos/Piercing

There's something very Monty Python about all of this. I'm not even going to try to explain it. Perhaps it could be a hilarious prequel to the Eskimo fart joke I never wrote?  (Source)


I bloody hate these whimsical bullshit quotes about human essence. Don't get me wrong, I love a good quote, I have several books on them and certainly enjoy writing my own, with every little bit of poignant nonsense that dribbles out of my face. THIS, however is the kind of crap that is just filling up the internet and ruining it. If you're going to be poetic at least try not to be so cheesy.  (Source)

5. Babes

Yes, there is an actual sub heading for babes, plenty of crazy cosplay stuff like this, don't worry though, there's one for hunks too. Gonna go stumble upon a nice hunky bloke for all those who are interested. I was unsure whether to include this section butttt what the heck: I'm exploring Stumble Upon so this is what happens. (Source)

6. Hunks

I'll be honest, I did struggle to find a suitable 'hunk' image whilst stumbling. Probably because I didn't really know what I was looking for. I decided that my best course of action was to look out for someone with a physique that is as close as possible to my own...... and then choose someone who was the total opposite.  (Sauce)

7. Astronomy

Righto, back to the regulars now. Astronomy is a passion of mine and there is LOADS on Stumble Upon, whether it's research articles or just pretty pictures of stars and Brian Cox. It's a great way to learn stuff. Ahh, the GJ1214b exo-planet: So close yet so far.  (Source)

8. Rock Music

Stumble Upon does cater to other genres of music, it's just that this one is particularly stuck in my favourite interests on the site so tough titties, we're stumbling Rock Music. Good luck, it's almost impossible to avoid Nickleback trash but in this particular stumble... I approve. (Source)

9. Futurism

So apparently in the future we all revert back to 60s fashion and wear matching knitwear without any shoes in the car. Sweet Jesus, it's like we are looking right into the future, today. I have a feeling everything post-2019 will have a hugely increased bullshit rating. (Source)

10. Bizarre/ Oddities

Last but by no means least. We are going to end on a weird one today. What'll it be? Paranoid conspiracies? Haunted mansions? Royal family reptilian takeover? Nope, 100 crazy facts that everyone already knows because they've been on the internet since 2005. I will be honest though, I've never heard of Hatebeak... probably for the best. (Source)

So that's it. Thank you for paying attention to my ramblings. At least you had lots of pretty pictures to look at this time. Click 'source' for all of the sources. All images are not my own and belong to the source provided! AWESOME SOURCE! STEAK SAWCE! 

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Monday, 29 September 2014

5 Things I Hate About Being Colourblind (Plus Colourblind Test!)

So, I am colourblind and have been so my whole life. I don't know anything different so it is rather difficult for me to describe what it is like. Thankfully, with a little bit of research I have found a few interesting ways of demonstrating what it is that I see.

Firstly (and I speak for all colourblind people here), DON'T POINT AND ASK US WHAT COLOUR THINGS ARE!! We are not mentally incapable, we are fully aware that the sky is blue and the grass is green. Sometimes describing colours can be difficult or just plain annoying. I don't like it, every other colourblind person I know doesn't like it, so don't do it. Colourblindness doesn't really work like that anyway.

I never knew I was colourblind until I was about 13 years old, however when I was colouring in at school I'd always colour people odd shades of green, or the sky purple and trees red. It looked fine to me so why was everyone complaining?! I avoided colour everywhere I could, I was perfectly happy with everything being black and white. When we had to do a colour coded mind map in high school my soul was filled with dread. Instead of doing what I was told, I simply made a nice black and white plain and simple bullet pointed list. It's how I prefer it and a much easier way for me to learn... Perhaps that's why I can't get off those damn 'list' websites.

So, here's the deal of it. The below picture shows three images, the one on the far left is for normal vision, all you guys and girls that can see just fine. The middle image is for Deuteran colourblindness, which is when the green light is interfered with, and protan is when the red light is interfered with. Don't worry, I'm not going to get into the science side of things. Take a look:

To me the Protan image on the far right looks exactly the same as the one on the far left (the original, normal vision image). So when you look at the Protan picture, you are basically seeing what I see when I look at the Normal picture. Make sense? I hope so.

This picture amazed me, I show everyone I know and they are really astounded by how differently I see things. It also showed me that there is a whole new spectrum of colours out there that I am unable to access. I can't imagine what certain shades look like, I have no idea what 'Magenta' or 'Beige' is, it's like a totally different language to me

So, now you know what I see. Here are some things that absolutely infuriate me.

1. Bananas

Don't get me wrong, I love bananas so much. The main issue here is that no matter how ripe they are... THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! Obviously the blackness is a giveaway that's it's okay to eat. But sometimes the only way to find out is to take a bite and break your teeth on a nice (Green?) unripe banana.

2. Geography

I managed to graduate in a BSc. degree in Geography and Environmental Management. I have no idea how I passed when I had to look at maps, graphs and charts like this all day. I know there are a hundred jokes about colouring in when it comes to geography, but seriously, maps were something that I really struggled with. 

3. London

"Yeah, it's easy, just take the District Line" "You mean this brown/green/red/grey one right here?"

4. Cooking

Okay, so I am aware that this particular piece of chicken has not been cooked yet. However, telling if meat is totally cooked through is something I struggle with, the white of the meat against the pink of the raw is really difficult. Don't worry though, I've never been ill or made anyone else ill through my cooking. It's just a bit of a bitch sometime as pretty much everything has to be overcooked just to make sure!

5. Other People

I don't hate people. People are lovely. As I mentioned earlier when it comes to colourblindness, regular sighted people don't often understand what it's like. Now I'm not preaching that it's a disability, or that I should be on some kind of benefits for it, it's just often hard to explain what it's like and it can be a struggle in certain situations. Colour is everywhere, to most people colour is easy but just imagine being confused by colours all of the time. It's annoying and stressful.

There are colourblindness correction glasses in production at the moment, this is brand new technology that has had amazing reviews. I'm saving up for a pair now and I can't wait to try it out and see vibrant colour for the first time! You can check out details for the glasses here:

Colourblind Test

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Not For The Sensitive (This is a Pretty Grim Post)

Today I woke up at 14:00. Pretty much the same as I have been doing for the past few weeks. I wake up not feeling refreshed, even after 10-12 hours of sleep. There's probably something terribly wrong with me... sod it, my diagnosis is that I just love sleep.

I have spent this lazy Sunday afternoon watching a series of videos on YouTube called Seriously Strange. To be honest, it certainly gave me the creeps. The videos, hosted by Rob Dyke, explore unexplained mysteries, torture methods, death, murder: basically, all the juicy horror topics. A Really fascinating series and very well presented.

I'll be honest, death, murder and mystery (true stories, rather than fictional) does really fascinate me. Can't stand horror films though, they have been known to make me squeal like a startled Ned Flanders. I've had ex girlfriends that have forced me to watch scary films against my will... I hated it, maybe that's why it didn't work out. Can't we just watch Notting Hill instead? I listen to death metal, I enjoy reading and researching the weird/freaky ways people die yet I'm still unable to watch Insidious without hiding behind a pillow. Fuck that film. Can't do it. I understand how people get a kick out of the thrill but come on now, watching a film that makes you do a little wee in your pants is surely something to avoid rather than invest money and time in?

Don't watch the above video if you are particularly sensitive, the video does warn you of that. It does make me feel a little sick but it's more a morbid curiosity. 

The first story in the video tells the tale of Tim McLean. The killing of Tim McLean occurred on the evening of July 30th 2008. McLean, a 22 year old Canadian man, was stabbed, beheaded and cannibalised while riding a bus about 30km west of Manitoba travelling the Trans-Canada Highway.
The cannibal claimed that there were voices in his head that told him to commit the murder because he believed that Tim McLean was an alien. An ALIEN! So yeah, he went straight to a high security mental institution. 

There were witness reports of blood curdling screams, passengers vomiting and passing out at the sight of the cannibal parading the head of Tim McLean as though it was some kind of trophy. To the extent that a few months later one of the police officers at the scene committed suicide whist suffering post traumatic stress disorder form the incident. 

Grim yet still really fascinating. Or is it just me being a bit of a freak?

So this short post does tend to focus on something negative, which I am definitely trying to avoid nowadays but at least I'm not moaning about how I'm at a dead end with no job or home. That'll come next week. 

Have a good one, sleep tight, don't let the cannibals bite.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Septembers are Slow

There's something about September which is slightly bleaker than other months. The summer is at an end, back to school and I'm already being told to book my christmas dinner in the pub. Bastards.

Anyway, I'm back on British soil now for the next part of my adventure. Upon returning I am jobless and homeless but I thankfully have family who are super awesome and kind and beautiful: they've offered to put me up in exchange for doing a few data entry jobs and foody stuff. I'm enjoying it, actually. I'm not completely stuck in the system and it has bought me a bit of time to look at jobs and figure out what I'm going to be doing with my life.

At the moment, the plan is: 'go to London and not die'.  Seems easy enough.

I've applied for a few jobs in the big city but to no avail, I've not received any notification of a decline though so there is still hope. In that case I'm planning on just slumming it, staying with friends, girlfriend and family until I reach a point of stability and can invest in my own place. Which is frightening. There's always something a little bit scary about paying rent. Once you start paying rent you are trapped. Being trapped with my girlfriend and many friends isn't so bad though so I can always live with that. The closest friends I made in India all live in or are moving to London and I'd be a fool to lose touch with that lot, by all means they are the coolest people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

I am venturing to London tomorrow afternoon for a few days to eat food, see sights and do boyfriend type stuff. This is about the time where my mother (even though she now lives on an island in the English Channel) still calls me up and bollocks me for taking a 'holiday' when I'm skint. I am very skint indeed but I'm in love so that doesn't really matter to me.

I still haven't told her that I'm going to Paris in October as well. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go and I will certainly be writing about it in a future post. I'm going to be as giddy as a kid going to Disneyland. Sadly, we are not going to Disneyland this time because we are too poor. Still; towers, art, wine, snails, cheese, music, onions, baguettes... I can't frikkin' wait.

So here's where I am getting to:

There is no-one left in Holmes Chapel, my friends have fled the nest, much as I did several years ago and now I am alone. So I have plenty of time to myself to watch films and listen to music. Here is a quick summary of this week's films/music.

Album: Blind Rage - Accept

I had only known one song by Accept (Balls to the Wall) but after making a brief discussion when I was watching Iron Maiden in Poznan I learned that they are still going and stronger than ever. This is the album I checked out and it is superb! Released earlier this year it's still relatively new but it blows me away. It was on the day of the new Hammerfall album release but when I tried to listen to Hammerfall I got about half way through before switching over to Accept. Possibly one of the top albums of the year for me. It's thrashy and heavy with a huge fat classic metal sound to it. Can't go wrong at all.

Film: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Released in 1964, this is well and truly a black & white classic. It's as old as my mother! That said, I was gripped by it. Don't get me wrong, this film is ridiculous and it did raise a few questions. But it captures perfectly how paranoid the Americans were about communism and nuclear war. Initially my first question was, why on earth is a random Nazi chilling with the president of the USA? He even accidentally calls the president 'mein fuhrer' and everyone just goes 'yep, seems normal'.

They don't explain the nazi thing at all, or the back story to any of the characters yet it tells a story very well with very few variations in settings, there must be only 5 different sets used in the whole film but it works. I can't possibly do it any justice here in this blog, I'm never any good at reviewing things. If I give a film no criticism, I'd say it's definitely worth watching, regardless of all the other crap that I come out with.

I also watched Carrie (1976) but all I can say about it is that the film is brilliant, scared the wee out of me though. Not sure how the remake compares, might get around to watching it this weekend. But as far as hollywood remakes/sequels go, I'm fairly sure it'll be crap.

So that's me just about up to date, the reason I've not blogged very much is simply because not a lot is happening. I'll certainly talk about London next week and Paris in the start of October some time.

Keep the change ya filthy animal.